Haven wholistic healing projects
Haven wholistic healing projects

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Haven provides the mental, physical, spiritual
and emotional tools you need to get back
control of your health for life.

Wholistic Wellness Projects

Camp Haven Nature Therapy
Haven Market Organic Kitchen & Market
Club Haven Community Meetup Club
Haven University Online Wholistic Learning

Primary Focus Areas


We offer self-care retreats at Camp Haven to get you back to the basics of good health and happiness. Find more self-care in-depth information in our courses and throughout the site.


We’ve built our facilities with our own hands. We cook food we’ve grown. We teach you how to do that too. See our courses on how to create a sustainable environment of your own.


Haven nurtures a thriving community. We offer monthly Potlucks and local events as well as online education and events. Check the menu for upcoming events; we’d love to meet you.


Everything we do is geared towards helping you learn what we’ve learned so you can live a happy, healthy life. We offer courses and materials as well as fun and educational events.

Contribute to a Healthier World

Haven is dedicated to accessible education and the support of natural self-care, community and environment through an ever-growing international network of wholistic wellness centers.

Be a part of this healthy undertaking by contributing what you can. We and the community thank you!

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