Haven wholistic wellness projects
Haven wholistic wellness projects

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Market Pre-Order Form

For those who wish to limit public gathering due to immune sensitivity

All produce is organic unless otherwise noted and sold to you at our wholesale cost

Dried Organic Fruits

No Additives

Hunza (Yellow Raisins (per lb.)


Sun-Dried Tomatoes (per lb.)


Pineapple (per lb.)


Pecan Rolled Dates (per lb.)


Prunes (per lb.)


Mulberries (per lb.)


Mango (per lb.)


Turkish Apricots (per lb.)


Figs (per lb.)


Coconut Rolled Dates (per lb.)


Organic Sprouted Nuts, Seeds and Legumes

Raw, No Additives

Almonds (per lb.)


Cashews (per lb.)


Brazil Nuts (per lb.)


Austrian Pumpkiin Seeds (per lb.)


Sunflower Seeds (per lb.)


Walnuts (per lb.)


Popcorn Kernels (per lb.)


Cacao Nibs (per lb.)


No Heavy Metals

Chickpeas (per lb.)


Garbonsa Beans

Fresh Organic Fruits

Fuji Apples (per lb.)


Opal Apples (per lb.)


Bananas (per lb.)


Strawberries (per lb.)


Blueberries (per half pint)


Mandarins (per lb.)


Chandler Pomelos (each)


Tangelos (per lb.)


Medjool Dates (per lb.)


Ataulfo Mango (each)


Slicing Tomatoes (per lb.)


Granny Smith Apples (per lb.)


Sugar Bee Apples (per lb.)


Raspberries (per half pint)


Harry's Berries Strawberries (per lb.)


Lemons (each)


Limes (per lb.)


Cara Cara Oranges (per lb.)


D'Anjou Pears (per lb.)


Pineapple (each)


Kiwi (per lb.)


Heirloom Mini Tomatoes Local (per pint)


Gala Apples (per lb.)


Avocados (each)


Blackberries (per half pint)


Blueberries (per pint)


Heirloom Naval Oranges (per lb.)


Grapefruit (each)


Blood Oranges (per lb.)


Bosc Pears (per lb.)


Mango (each)


Papaya (per lb.)


Roma Tomatoes (per lb.)


Medjool Dates (per lb.)


Fresh Organic Vegetables

Artichoke (each


Cauliflower (each)


Red Cabbage (per lb.)


Celery (per stalk)


Cilantro (each)


Iceberg Lettuce (each)


Loose Spring Mix (per lb.)


Shitake Mushrooms (per lb.)


Lion's Mane Mushrooms Local (per lb.)


Yellow Onions (per lb.)


Shallots Local (per lb.)


Fingerling Potatoes Local (per lb.)


Sweet Potatoes (per lb.)


Ginger (per lb.)


Red Radishes (per bunch)


Carrots (per lb.)


Burdock Root (per lb.)


Butternut Squash (per lb.)


Kabocha Squash (per lb.)


Asparagus (per lb.)


Broccoli Crowns (per lb.)


Baby Bok Choy (per lb.)


Slicing Cucumbers (per lb.)


Lacinato Kale (each)


Swiss Chard (each)


Loose Arugula (per lb.)


Portobello Mushrooms (per lb.)


Red Onions (per lb.)


Garlic (per lb.)


Bell Peppers (per lb.)


Yellow Potatoes (per lb.)


Purple Sweet Potatoes (per lb.)


Rutabaga Local (per lb.)


Turmeric (per lb.)


Parsnip Local (per lb.)


Sunchokes Local (per lb.)


Delicata Squash (per lb.)


Spaghetti Squash (per lb.)


Green Beans (per lb.)


Green Cabbage Local (per lb.)


Brussel Sprouts (per lb.)


Parsley (each)


Romaine Lettuce (each)


Loose Spinach Local (per lb.)


Cremini Mushrooms (per lb.)


Oyster Mushrooms Local (per lb.)


Leeks (per lb.)


Scallions (per bunch)


Jalapeno Peppers (per lb.)


German Butterball Potatoes Local (per lb.)


Beets Local (per lb.)


Purple Daikon Radishes Local (per lb.)


Rainbow Carrots Local (per lb.)


Turnips Local (per lb.)


Sprouts Local (per container)


Zucchini (per lb.)


Aloe (each)


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Allow at least 24 hours for fulfillment

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For pickup: call when you arrive at: 845-439-1215

Prices and availability change daily; updated 3/7/22

Contribute to a Healthier World

Haven is dedicated to accessible education and the support of natural self-care, community and environment through an ever-growing international network of wholistic wellness centers.

Be a part of this healthy undertaking by contributing what you can. We and the community thank you!

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