Haven wholistic wellness projects
Haven wholistic wellness projects

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Haven University

      Online Learning

      Haven University is our online learning portal. We’re proud to bring you resources that share what we’ve learned in our experience building sustainable living facilities, growing our own food, running our kitchen and market and coaching our community and ourselves on the 7 Dynamics of Self, our wholistic life system.

      What’s Ahead

      We’re currently building our online learning portal and can’t wait to share it with you shortly. The portal will include

        • Valuable Free Resources
        • Ability to Book Consultations
        • Coaching Packages
        • Courses, Including

          — “My Path to Harmony” Bundle
          — The 7 Dynamics of Self

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          Contribute to a Healthier World

          Haven is dedicated to accessible education and the support of natural self-care, community and environment through an ever-growing international network of wholistic wellness centers.

          Be a part of this healthy undertaking by contributing what you can. We and the community thank you!

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