Haven wholistic wellness projects
Haven wholistic wellness projects

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Current & Future Projects You Help Fund

Your generous contribution helps existing projects and our continued operations, as well as the ability to complete future projects like these. Look through the site to see current work we’re doing. We’re very grateful for your interest and support.

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Our onsite prototype tiny home dubbed Tiny Tower is 8'x8', 100 square feet, including loft space, at a cost of $1,500 and it took only 32 man hours to build.

We plan to build at least a dozen styles of tiny homes in the natural landscape of Camp Haven.

Tiny Village

The Primal Playground inspires wholistic activities that integrate exercise, play, productivity and sustenance.

Enjoy exercising body and mind with the challenge of climbing up one tree to climb monkey bars to the next tree, to swing down the rope to the apple tree, to collect yummy food.

Primal Playground

The perfect venue for small gatherings. Designed to need little heating or AC by using a southern exposure, natural geodesic convection effect, an 8"-thick concrete slab floor, geo-thermal energy from the root-cellar, spray foam insulation, 16" of recycled cellulose insulation and a roof that reflects heat and prevents air and water penetration.

Geodesic Harmony Dome

We've got about one full acre of wild blackberries and are working to cultivate wild varieties of native raspberries, black raspberries and alpine strawberries.

Wild berries have up to 10x the nutritional value and flavor of their cultivated counterparts, despite being a quarter the size.

Wild Berry Cultivation

Our organic swimming pools will be filled by a rainwater catchment system that mitigates the storm water runoff issues they create.

A carefully-crafted balance of natural plant life filters the water and ensures proper pH balance, making it more than safe to swim in, healthy and rejuvenating.

Rainwater Pools

We’ll make our furniture and clothing here, convert our vehicles to run on something other than fossil fuels and host hands-on classes and workshops.

Wood, fiber and metal working, auto mechanics and equipment that requires a specialized, safe environment will be housed.

Sustainability Playshop

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Haven is dedicated to accessible education and the support of natural self-care, community and environment through an ever-growing international network of wholistic wellness centers.

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